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Domestic Conveyancing

Conveyancing is the process whereby the legal estate in land is transferred. It is as simple as that, isn't it? There are thousands of firms of solicitors doing conveyancing. Why should you choose us?

As specialists, we have systems and procedures in place to optimise the speed and efficiency with which we handle your transaction.

We realise, of course, that many claim to be good at what they do and doubtless there will be other firms around the corner who would do the work for a bit less. Selecting a service solely on the basis of cost is in our view unwise.

Moving house can be a stressful and frustrating experience at the best of times. Dealing with an inefficient conveyancer can only add to that. A house is probably the most expensive purchase that you will make in your life.

In short, allowing our systems to take care of what might otherwise be wasted time we can spend more time dealing with you.

Our aim is simple - to provide an efficient, cost effective and personal service. Our conveyancers are accessible and coupled with speed and efficiency, we believe that this gives us the edge. It goes without saying that we have the very latest in computer software packages that enables us to process the documentation as quickly as possible. The majority of our conveyancing work is either for existing clients, referrals by existing clients or referrals by other professionals. We do not believe that this would be the case if we did not offer a superior service.